5 Amazingly strange places

We live within a world full of Mysterious Places and when it comes to travelling, strange places are always the top priority of tourist and they are always looking for these kinds of places. Travelling can be really relaxing for the human mind, we can learn so much about the diversity of this world and, about the strange places it has. 
We all have a little travel freak in all of us who is always forcing us to pack our bags. This ride is about strange places around the world so fasten your seat belts as we are going to explore some really attractive and strange places around the world. These strange places are pretty appealing and mysterious in their own way.

Let's travel through some of the most attractively shocking places in the world...

Lake Hillier:

Lake Hillier
Image Source - Google | by - Redazione

This beautiful Rosy Lake Hillier is located along the edge of the middle island, Australia. This pretty Lake Hillier is on the top of strange places and treats to the eyes. The pretty sight is hard to believe in, so people love it! Even though this strange place is located on the Goldfields-Esperance region, off the coast of Western Australia you can still visit it through boats or plane charter.

Isn't it fascinating and existing? So how many of you are down to go there?

Salar de Uyuni:

Salar de Uyuni

This attractive natural glass mirror is located in South West Bolivia. Salar De Uyuni is the world’s largest salt mine.
This good-looking sight is one of the strange places had gone through many changes in the past few decades, there was a lake that went dry leaving behind a desert-like landscape. It's full of fair white salt; the pretty rock formations make it heavenly beautiful. Salar De Uyuni looks heavenly at night as you can even see the milky way reflection in it.

For all the travelling lovers out these, these above strange places are must in your list!! How many of you are already done for them?

Tunnel of love:

Image source Google | by - greentourua / CC BY-SA

For all those new couples looking for a romantic place to visit the Tunnel of Love should be on the top of your list of romantic and strange places. Tunnel of Love located just outside the city of Klevenkleven in Ukraine. Every day many people travel thought this "out of dream" ride and most of them are usually couples.

This private railway has a series of beautiful green trees enhancing the beauty of this natural tunnel. You can also travel through this beautiful track, it looks exactly like something out of a Disney movie.

Rainbow Mountains China:

Rainbow Mountains China

This beautiful view of Rainbow mountains is not a part of some artwork this is one of the strange places in our list and it is a very real, Rainbow mountain ara located in China. If you want to see the masterpiece of natural art in this world. This amazing place can give you an experience of walking on rainbows and who does not want such experience? The place is a source of attraction for art lovers because of the beautiful colour combinations and nice texture.

Consider Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park as your spot to be. These famous Rainbow Mountains are known for their heavenly colours that mimic rainbow painted over the tall Beautiful Mountains. This one is indeed a beautiful strange place. 

Namibian Coast:

Namibian Coast

Namibia has nearly a thousand miles of coastline. This beautiful landscape Namibian coast is a strange place where the sea meets a desert. This amazingly shocking strange place is an interesting sight and only a few people know about the existence of this place. The sight is unbelievable and very hard to believe in.

Despite being so beautiful its a home to only a handful of towns and villages. The reason for the lack of tourism is harsh weather and unfavourable tourist conditions as the place do not have restaurants and restrooms.

These were some of the most amazingly beautiful and strange places around the world. People who love travel must consider these strange places for their next dream destination. Travelling to these strange places is an experience of its own.

Your travel bucket list must be full after reading this article!!!

Written by Iqra Asif


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