5 Mysteriously Beautiful Trees 

Nature can be a medicine to a sad soul. We have fair natural sights to see, and many of them flicker our hearts, with beautiful trees. One of nature's most pretty part is trees; beautiful trees with all the shapes and sizes teach us the art of standing firm in all possible situations. Not only, they increase the beauty of our surroundings but they also contribute largely to natural habitation.

You can learn a lot from them just by observing their lives cycle, their struggle in different seasons, and how they always contribute no matter what condition they are in. Here is the list of some beautiful trees to fall in love with and some of them take us to the new world of imagination and fantasy.

Are you ready to get bombarded by the colorful beautiful trees responsible for increasing the beauty of our nature???

Maple trees:

Maple trees

This beauty has many names depending upon their forms, leaf type, colours, sizes, and growing condition preference, most commonly known as Maple Trees. Maple tree height can reach up to 0.5 to 25 m, that totally depends upon their type. Some of their family members can tolerate the heat attacks from the sun, but most of the Maple Trees perceive it as their enemy and can't stand any inch of it.

Maple trees are very friendly and can blend in with all the companion plants. There is a hidden secret about Maple trees " Guess what? You can even grow them in containers. These little babies can easily die during drought and only some of them can tolerate the drought-like situation.

Baobab tree:

Baobab tree

These Giants beasts of the Baobab tree is older than your guesses; these trees grow in the Middle Eastern areas, and this is one is useful than the trees of your backyard. People have been using Baobab tree as food, on daily clothing, household items, and medicines. 
This motherly natured tree has an edible fruit; Its seed powder is used in food. The Baobab tree has many health benefits and can be used in food preservation. If you are looking for a good source of potassium, carbohydrates, vitamin C, and phosphorus. Baobab tree fruit is your way to go!!

Aren't you planning to have one for your backyard yet?

Dracaena cinnabari (Dragon tree): 

Dracaena cinnabari (Dragon tree)

No, you are not looking at the umbrella; the Dragon tree is greatly real even though it looks like an extremely creative infrastructure artwork by a professional architect. Dragon trees grow at the oldest forest communities on Earth. The people of genus Dracaena also call it Drago. You can find Dragon trees growing in Maderia, Cape Verda, Western Morocco, and the Canary Islands. It is also a natural representation for the Tenerife island. Despite being so mesmerizing and beautiful they have a very low tendency to regenerate. Dragon trees are famous in their locality for their unique looks and interesting nature. They have beautiful patterns, and you can have a memorable day clicking pictures with them. 

Crooked trees:

This eerie woodland is located in a small area of Poland specific on the Western side. You can guess the name by looking at the picture of crooked trees, yes you can call them Crooked Trees or curved trees. There are many related theories to them on why they look like they have been bent, and it is still a mystery. The area has almost 400 pine trees, and they grow at the angle of 90 degrees at the base; most of them grow in this crooked from facing the north side, but you can also find straight growing setting the example of the exception. Crooked trees were planted way back in 1930, and they were merely 7-10 years-old babies when they experienced this strange pattern of trunk curvature.

If you are looking for a photogenic place to have in your photos consider this place your ultimate travel destination.

 Cherry blossom trees:

Cherry blossom trees

I know most of you are already aware of them but how can I miss these pinkies Cherry blossom trees. The most well-known and popular species of these trees are Japanese Cherry, and they call them Sakura. If you are looking for a place to visit them consider Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Pakistan, Nepal, and Thailand your place to go. The Cherry Blossom Trees are also considered as Japan's national flower. 

I hope you had a little glimpse of nature by reading the article. Let us know which one is your favourite on the list and do you have any plans to visit them?

Written by Iqra Asif

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