Craziest Natural Phenomenon

The world never fails to amaze us with its attractive sights,  Craziest Natural Phenomenon with some of the intriguing occurring that leave us in amusement, and we can't resist opening our mouths with confusion after seeing them. There are many surprisingly bizarre Natural phenomenon happening around, and many of us are not even aware of them. 

This ride is going to be very adventurous as we will share with you some of the most heavenly natural artwork with a pinch of Natural Phenomenon, that will make us fall in love with the world we are living in. Natural Phenomenon is a wider term and can be used for different strange but our focus will be on the beautifully created Natural Phenomenon the is a remarkable piece of art and source of amusement for the people with taste.

Grab your little list of dream places to visit and add some more to them

 Vaadhoo Island (Sea of Stars): 

Vaadhoo Island (Sea of Stars)
Image Source - Google | by - u/Dark-World

If you are looking for some Pretty Natural Phenomenon and looking for a nice Island with an attractive Natural phenomenon, you will have to travel to the Maldives during late summer. This attractive place is located on the reef of the Maldives.
For the people thinking about the cause of this Natural phenomenon the answer lies in the presence of bioluminescent phytoplankton called lingulodinium poluedrum.The water is packed with these little sparkling phytoplankton and the water waves cause Vaadhoo Island to glow, creating a mesmerizing shining Natural phenomenon looking like a sea loaded with stars.

If you are looking for an experience to walk on a cluster of stars, this is your place to go!

Aurora Borealis:

Aurora Borealis

These dancing lights are a treat to watch; the cause behind this colorful light show is the collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun. These particles enter the Earth's atmosphere and collide with different gasses like oxygen and nitrogen present in our Atmosphere. If you want to see this Natural phenomenon from your own eyes, you have to travel all the way to the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres.

Auroras occurring on the northern side are called "Aurora Borealis" or you can call them "Northern Lights" and auroras dancing at the southern hemispheres is called "Aurora Australis" or "Southern lights".

So if you want to see nature dancing in front you have to book your tickets to the North.

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Fairy Circles Nambia:

Fairy circles Nambia
mage Source - Google | by - Wikimedia common Licenses

The Desert in Nambia is filled with these regular patterns of bare circles. The origin of these circles is fiercely in debate among researchers, but it now seems both leading explanations may be right.

The new research explains that the empty patches famously known as Fairy Circles are created by termites living under the soil and clearing vegetation within the area. The study also explains the reason for this Natural phenomenon as the different colonies of termites race into the competition by creating these honeycomb patterns.

Door to hell:

Door to hell

The topic of Darvaza Crater nicknamed as the "Door to Hell" is widely debated, but the most accepted theory involves in the Natural Phenomenon is a Soviet expedition to explore the sources of gas. The Turkman geologist suggested that the hole was set alight in 1971 by people after fears it was emitting poisonous gases. Researchers claim that it has been burning for 40years!!

How many of you are up to this burning Natural Phenomenon?

Fire Rainbow: 

Fire Rainbow
These Fire Flames also are known as circumhorizontal arc belonging to the family of ice halos formed by the refraction of sun or moonlight. The formation of Natural Phenomenon is the optical illusion and can be seen as plate-shaped ice Crystal suspended in the atmosphere. This Natural Phenomenon got this name because of the Cirrus clouds.

Let us know about your favourite natural phenomenon and have you ever seen any one of them in your life and which one is in the top of your list?

Written by Iqra Asif 

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