Terrifying Mysterious Lakes 

Our world is full of strange places, isn't it? From all the dark cryptic caves to the deep ocean enigmatic we are still unaware of many of our mother nature's secrets. One of the most common gifts we have from our Earth is lakes and in case of my concern Terrifying Mysterious Lakes; these sweet water, attractive lakes are full of entertainment we can dive into them, catch fishes and who don't want to spend a nice good time in the fair landscape surrounding by a pretty lake? Nevertheless, hold on, there are many exceptional cases in the family of Mysterious Lakes lakes and some don't want to follow the normal rules yeah you got me right we are going to take a look at some Beautifully Mysterious Lakes and Terrifying Mysterious Lakes around the world. So sit down and relax because the journey is going to be very surprising.

Grand prismatic Lake:

Grand prismatic Lake

Just look at this colourful Mysterious Lake, isn't it looking like a rainbow character straight out of some magical movie? The Grand Prismatic Lake is exactly something that we can expect to see in Disney's movies. Are you thinking to dive into this pretty thing? We will recommend you shouldn't. The Grand Prismatic Lake is located in Yellowstone National Park; this Mysterious Lake is actually a hot spring in disguise. Grand Prismatic Lake is the third largest lake in the world; the chemical compositions of this Mysterious Lake make it very dangerous to dive in it.

Strange? We have some more on the list.

Lake Karachay:

Lake Karachay

The Lake Karachay has a very distinct red colour (the above picture is old) that makes it attractively different from other regular Mysterious Lakes in our surroundings. The lake looks very attractive and can be a great spot to travel, unfortunately, that's not the possibility in the case of this Mysterious Lake.  
Karachayor can also be called as Karachayor, is located in the southern Ural mountains in the central part of  Russia. The poor lake became the Dumping ground for the atomic waste from the nearby reprocessing nuclear waste facility; this Mysterious Lake is highly radioactive, and it's not safe to go near it so despite being this beautiful it can't b visited.

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Boiling Lake:

Boiling Lake

What is the first thing the comes into our mind when we think of the steam baths? It's indeed a relaxing therapy for the people after having a great hectic day. Good news for the steam lovers, there is the whole lake that can be used as a steam bath, but it can be dangerous too. The Boiling Lake is located in Morne Trois Pitons, a small island in the Dominica region. 

The Mysterious Lake is filled with clouds of vapour having shady blue water. The extreme steam intensity of the lake makes it difficult to take a bath in this natural steam chamber.

Derbyshire blue lagoon:

Derbyshire blue lagoon

Ever had the experience of swimming in a bleach? Certainly no, if you want to see the pool of bleach in real life, you can see Derbyshire Quarry; local people call it Blue Lagoon.  
The PH level of bleach is 12.3 and this Mysterious Lake has a PH level of 11.3, despite many warning signs, people still swim in the lake, and the lake has been dyed black by the government to prevent people from swimming in it. The lake is full of rubbish, dead animals and wastes.

Dead sea:

Dead sea

Want to travel to the lowest point of Earth? The Dead Sea is your place too; it's the lowest point of Earth at 1412 feet below the level of the sea.
The Dead Sea is located between beautiful golden-brown hills with a crystal of salts peeking out of the lake. It is the saltiest water body in the world and guesses what? You don't drown in this Mysterious Lake you will be floating like a boat; the place is a very famous tourist destination. These Mysterious Lakes are the true representation of "don't judge the book by its colour." Not every beautiful thing is healthy for your health. Which of the above lakes shocked you the most and which one is in your traveling destination?

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Written by Iqra Asif


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