Top Five Mysterious Islands in the world

We all have these strange times in our lives when we plan to pack our bags to spend the rest of our lives on the faraway mysterious islands or is it just me? I hope not, we all have those days when we try to escape the never-ending boring lectures and long days of frustrating work By fleeing to a long lost magnificent mysterious islands with stunning blue beach and hazy sun rays.

The islands are the distinctive creation of our mother nature with all the gorgeous landscapes, natural waterfalls, and with a variety of animals and plants encircling the tall strong cliffs is something to die for, and if it is one of the mysterious islands that's even better. Few months in such a place is an ultimate escape from daily hectic work life. Today we are going to blow the flames of your fantasy by showing you some crazy and mysterious islands with crazy mysterious. Let's travel through some of the weird places you never knew existed.

The Island of Dolls:

The Island of Dolls
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Do you have Pediophobia? or should I say are you scared of dolls? If yes, then there is a place on the face of the earth that can be your nightmare in real life. There is an island of Dead Dolls located in Mexico City, the island of dolls is situated very close to an Estadio Azteca football stadium. The island has been the main attraction in the channels of Xochimilco.
The island of dolls is full of broken and weird looking dolls of various sizes and colours. Forget Chucky and Annabelle, this is something straight out of some worst of the worst nightmare we can ever have. There is a gruesome history related to this creepy island but we don't want to discuss that now as it's existence is already creepy enough.
You can know more about the Island of Dolls.

Island of Cats:

Island of Cats
Image source Google | by - 暇・カキコ / CC BY-SA
Cats are one of the fluffiest and cutest things in the world. They can make us forget our problematic lives for a good span of time. There exists heaven on earth for the cat lovers out there, Tashirojima is a tiny strange island located in Ishinomaki, Japan. The island is inhabited by a really small number of people around 100. The island is full of little furry babies wandering around like they own the place, that is somehow true.

The island is known as "Cat Island" because you will see the waves of cats looking for a nice treat from some generous "hoomans". You won't spot a single dog roaming on this island obviously because of their extra loving relationship with cats.

The Eye Island:

The Eye Island
Image source Google | by - hight3ch

Probably the most bizarre, and mysterious in the list. This strange island is located on the North East side of Argentina. The island got a nickname of the "eye island" because of the bizarre eye looking circle in it. Geologists are confused about how perfect this circle can be, it looks like someone just made the circle so perfect.

The island has it's own eye, yeah you heard me right. The island has so perfect circle in it that is surrounded by a thin water circle. The information was already creepy enough to make our skin crawls but no, it had to be more creepy, the island rotates on certain axes.

What do you think what is the cause of rotation in the eye island? Let us know about your thoughts.

The Snake Island:

The Snake Island

Seems like there is a new trend in animals community to invade islands. There is an island known as is Ilha da Queimada Grande, or you can simply call it a snake island. Its located almost 93 miles away from Sao Paulo. There is a very good reason to stay away from the island, you will find a snake welcoming you after every one to five-meter square. The snakes are extremely venomous.

These "don't touch me noodles" are from a unique species knows as the Pit Viper,  this specific specie is responsible for 90% snake bite-related fatalities in Brazil. These snakes are so dangerous that their venom is powerful enough to melt the flesh around bones where they bite.

Socotra Island:

Socotra Island
Image source Google | by - some right reserved
We have already told you about the Dragon Tree in Mysterious Beautiful Trees related article, the tree grows on Socotra island. The island is a part of the Indian Ocean. The planet is so strange and unique that a third of its plants are found nowhere else. The island has it's own birds like Socotra Sunbird, Socotra Starling and Socotra Grosbeak that are found nowhere else.

It's not easy to travel through the island as it has no roads and obviously no restaurants, it is full of mystic caves and multiple shipwrecks.

Islands are not always about sunbaths and beautiful views, there are many no go islands in the world, these islands hold the beauty in their strangest and bizarre formation. Even the creepiest things can be beautiful. 

Which one was new for you? 

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Written by Iqra Asif

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