5 Amazing Bizarre and Weird Ocean Phenomena

Oceans are one of the most prominent features of our world, just look at your universe and see which another planet has this glorious sight. Can't find one? Our earth is indeed unique with crazy mysterious islands and bizarre oceans, the beauty of this earth is magnificent and mysterious at the same time but what fascinates me the most is these mystic, stunning, and intense Weird Ocean phenomena. There are many Weird Ocean phenomena happening under and over the surface of the ocean ever since it has formed.

Only some parts of the ocean are discovered and most of its parts are still undiscovered. Strange enough, How you ever thought of the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle and how deep the Mariana trench actually is? The oceans hold exotic creatures and Weird Ocean phenomena, some of them have eerie justifications but most of them are still undiscovered, but if you are still stuck on Bermuda triangle and Mariana trench than hold back it's a topic for another day, today is the day to know about the amazing bizarre phenomena, these Weird Ocean Phenomena are beautiful and mysterious at the same time. Let's dive deep into the waves of incredible and magical sights.


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My personal favourite and top on the list are this beautiful yet deadly Weird Ocean Phenomena known as Brinicles also knows as ice stalactites, can you imagine a downward-growing hollow like tube formed under the developing sea ice? Most probably the first thing you would like to do is to touch it but it could be dangerous to do that. This is exactly how these Brinicles are, beautiful and dangerous at the same time. These Brinicles are caused by the dense brine when they come in contact with warmer warm.

This beautiful fairy saga of Brinicles can be the worst nightmare for anything that comes in their way, also known as the icicles of death they freeze any aquatic life that comes in their way. Somethings are only beautiful from a certain distance. Brinicles create a web-like structure on the surface and anything getting trap into the web is dead already. Indeed a very Weird Ocean Phenomena.

Underwater Crop Circles:

Underwater Crop Circles
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This underwater crop circle is something that's putting humans to shame, these pretty creative and amazing circles are formed by male Pufferfish to impress female Pufferfish. Pufferfish has all of my appreciation here. 
The 7-foot diameter crop circles were first discovered in 1995, at the time it was so foreign and Weird Ocean Phenomena for divers that they used to them "mystery circles". It took the researcher 16 years to actually catch the real culprits when these little five inches creatures were busy building their symbol of love. These mysterious and strange crop circles can be commonly found in Japanese seas.

"The point of embarrassment when you realize that fishes are more creative than you, anyways let's go to the next one in the ride"

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Image source - Google | by Youtube user BBC 

Ocean has its own eco-system, own food-chain and it's very own balloons looking, creatures. These free-floating tunicate colonies usually stay in the upper layer of warm oceans. While some of them may be found in deep depths that totally depends on their mood or I should say the climate. These genus pyrosoma can form colonies of up to 60 ft long, they are made up of 100 and 1000 of single creatures known as solids. Even though pyrosoma very much look like pickles but they are still inedible so despite being so attractive they can be consumed as food. For some Pyrosoma may looks like a ghost from a famous 90s ghost movie.

What's the first thing that comes in your mind after seeing these weird ocean phenomena? Let us know

Steaming black sea:

Steaming black sea
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The foggy Weird Ocean Phenomena is caused when the cold air meets with water. The precise combination of the foggy sea looks like it is covered in steam. The sea was named as inhospitable sea by ancient Greeks because they were difficult to navigate for them. Later it was inhabited by hostile tribes. The depth of the sea is about 150 meters, the ocean is highly accumulated with hydrogen sulfide. The steaming black sea is a treat for the eyes if you admire this kind of out of the world view.

The Green Flash:

The Green Flash

The last in the list but the most beautiful one is green-ray flash, you have to be lucky enough to catch the glimpse of this beautiful scene of Weird Ocean Phenomena. It is meteorological optical manifestations that occur moment before sunrise and sunset. You can see the briefly visible green flashes on the upper RIM of the sun when the conditions are precisely right and favourable, this green-ray only lasts for a few moments, and for these moments you will feel like the sun has turned green.

Which one was your favorite? How many of these were you already aware of? is your travel bucket list full yet? 

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Written by Iqra Asif 


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