Strange traditions by various Tribes

We live in a diverse world. From north to south there are man countries with people from several ethnicities and strange traditions. There are various strange traditions, cultures, and languages in the world, In Turkey, there is a town where people use" the language of the whistle to communicate with each other, there is a new-made language in some parts of Africa. Every culture has its own charm, significance, even some strange traditions, and we cannot deny the importance of unlighted old civilizations and artistic contributions of these vividly colourful and interesting cultures around the world.

There are different various tribes in the world with zero to minimum communication from the outside world, they had enough with this world and it's problems and now they are spending their lives in faraway lands, jokes aside they never allowed modern civilization to take over their thousand years old culture and they have been living in the same way for many years. Forget about normal  traditions, in the ride, we will go through some of the strongest tribes and some of the strange traditions that they follow.

Facial tattoos of Maori:

Facial tattoos of Maori

There are some countries where tattoos are highly dejected, like in South Korea the young lads can have a really hard time finding a reasonable job because of this permanent printed piece of art on their body, the struggle is very real for them. There is a culture that has a history of strange tradition of having tattoos that too on the face! Maori place can be every tattoo loving Korean guy dream place. The people of Maori use Moko that is carved using a chisel, for them, this strange tradition is their way of showing their love and devotion to their family.

Men in Maori are usually little too excited about their strange tradition and they cover their entire face with these tattoos while women like to have their chins painted in different designs. The more paint you have on your face the more respect for your culture.

Isn't it Strange tradition and yet cute at the same time?

Lets Go to the next part of this ride or strange traditions.

Long Ear Lobes:

Long Ear Lobes

Every age has different and distinct strange traditions, the trend of getting ear piercing is years old and every year millions of people around the world get their ear pierced, but in Maasai culture, the strange tradition is little different, they go beyond their possible ways to get ear lobes elongated.

There are 80,000 Maasai people living in East Africa. The people in the Maasai tribe use bones, sticks, or anything in their access to stretch their earlobes, they perceived it to be a part of wisdom and success. You can decorate these earlobes with traditional jewellery, umm seems fun to me.

How many of you are now seriously thinking to follow this Strange tradition to have fancy elongated ear piercing?

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Stretched lips: 

Stretched lips

If you haven’t yet digested enough information about the stretched earlobes do it now, because there is another important strange tradition that can be hard to swallow a pill for you, there is a strange tradition of extreme and inevitable body transformation in EthiopiaIt seems like Africa is way ahead of time than these modern beauty standards.
The young girls of Ethiopia use the disc for the elongation of their lips, it is perceived to be a beauty standard in this tribe and it can help girls in getting a good match of them. They use clay or wood disc to proudly decorate this new modification.

What are your thoughts on this strange tradition? This looks like a stunt you do in your wildest dreams

Red Clay Skin and Hair in Himba:

Red Clay Skin and Hair in Himba

Cosplays are a fun activity to do, and with all the colourful dresses it gives the positive vibes of creativity. There is a tribe in Africa (yes Again) that performs cosplay in their daily lives with strange tradition of coloring themselves. The women in the tribe are famous for rubbing otjize on their bodies, otjize is a mixture of ochre and butterfat. According to them, the red symbolizes life and colour of this world.

There is another very important reason for this strange tradition; the Himba People believe that the mixture protects them from the harsh sun rays. So, these ladies out there have invented their own sunscreen. So this strange tradition has its own benefits. 

Teeth filling in Indonesia:

Teeth filling in Indonesia
Image source Google | by - Adi Saputra

Not a tribe, but indeed a weird strange tradition. The young girls in Indonesia get their canine teeth filled flat; the villagers believe that it is for blowing away the evil spirits. The ritual is centuries old, the girls and boys are expected to pray two days before the strange ritual is performed on them.

The sugar cane is placed on their mouth to keep the jaws open while the villagers get hold of these young boys and girls. The strange tradition has gradually become a fashion trend in the village.

And suddenly dentist appointments aren't looking as bad as it was before reading this 

Written by Iqra Asif 


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