Six Beautiful and Strange cities

Our world is a beautiful place with so many sightseeings and nice places to travel to. From  Africa to Asia the world is full of strange places with a mysterious history. 
Every city has different people with diverse cultures, some cities are popular for their beautiful views and some are popular for unique traditions. However, there are many places that we don't know about and it can shock us to the core because these places are slightly different than normal. 
These specifications of different cities can attract a lot of eyes and these differences make these cities prominent from the rest.  In this ride, there will be little sneak peek of some of these strange yet beautiful cities around the world. Fasten your seat belts for another entertaining ride. 

Kuskoy Turkey:

Kuskoy Turkey
Image source Google - by | edtimes

Can you blow a whistle? If yes, then this place is absolutely for you. Kuskoy Turkey is a small village where everyone uses a different language to interact with. The language of love? Closely related to that, they use the language of whistles, Kuskoy village, or the "village of whistles" is a place where you can say everything without actually speaking a single word. 

The village is located between steep hills and beautiful mountains. No one actually knows why they use whistles for communication in Kuskoy village. But the reason could be the high mountains and long distance between the houses, the distance could have stimulated a discovery of this new language to have better communication from distant places.

Strange? Isn't it? Wait for the next one.

Santa Cruz California- Mystery Spot:

Santa Cruz California- Mystery Spot
Image source Google - by | Briellecfarmer / CC BY-SA
Even though it's not possible to live on this lovely planet without gravity but deep down inside every one of us has wished to experience the no gravity experience of the space. There is a place in Santa Cruz California where gravity doesn't seem to work, the water flows in the upward direction, fluctuation in people and things sizes, and changes in the direction of the magnet. 
This place of Santa Cruz California is indeed a strange place commonly known as mystery place and no one exactly knows the reason for it. This place is a must to see to have a completely new no gravity experience. This place in Santa Cruz California can give you a space like experience on the Earth.

Svalbard Norway:

Svalbard Norway

Night sleep is a blessing to have, it is like an experience of heaven to have a nice night's sleep after long hectic working hours. But what if the sun refuses to set? Fictional? No, the scenario is very real and this happened in Svalbard Norway. The city sees the sun for straight Six months of the year so. Yeah, the sun loves Svalbard Norway and never want to leave the city alone.
The place is located at the extreme sites of the poles and Svbard Norway has no sunsets for almost six months of the year, locals call it midnight sun and it can stay from March to September. So, no stars and a good night's sleep for the people of Svalbard Norway.

Can you stay in such a place for more than 10 days?

Chefchaouen Morocco:

Chefchaouen Morocco

Do you like the blue colour? It is one of the cooler colours, the researcher suggests that the colours can affect the moods and can tell a lot about a person. There is a place Chefchaouen Morroco where everything is blue from doors, walls, stairs, and even the religious places are blue. 
The blue colour makes the town different and appealing to people. Chefchaouen Morroco is heaven for lovers of blue colour, largely accepted theory behind this stranger behaviour of the residence is that the city of Chefchaouen Morroco was initially painted by the Jews as blue is the sacred colour for them, even though they no longer live there but their blue legacy is left behind.

The Cave Town (Matmata):

The Cave Town (Matmata)

For all the catastrophic people out there, this place of the cave town is not for you. The cave town is located in Matmata Southern Tunisia, the place has many dwellings sites that are now inhabited by the local people. They have underground schools, houses, hospitals, etc. You can even fall into one of the houses if you visit the place at night without having any actual clue about the place. The cave town can be very much recognizable for the fans of star wars thanks to Luke Skywalker. 

The Town under one roof (Whittier):

The Town under one roof (Whittier)
Image source Google - by | Enrico Blasutto / CC BY-SA

Can you see the building in a picture above? This building is a town and many people live in this single building that has its own school, hospital, police station, etc. The Town under one roof has an entire city of Whittier. This town under one roof has almost 220 people and the actual purpose for inhabiting this place was to economize heating as the place has cold weather and the place remains windy throughout the year.
The world is indeed strange with so many diversities and some of the places look like something straight out of a book. Which one of the above is your favourite city? And which one are you planning to visit? 

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Written by Iqra Asif 


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  1. Amazing article!
    Favourite: Morocco and Turkey ❤️

  2. Informative thing, good to see such cities. Hope to see some more articles like that.

    1. Thanks! your feedbacks are venerable for us & we are working to tell our readers some more strange places.


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