Beautiful and Strange Clouds Formations

This beautiful planet that we call earth has so many colours and one of the colours is its beautiful weather. It is a well-known fact that the weather has a great impact on our moods and it can highly influence our lifestyle. I won't ask the regular question that what's your favourite season rather I would ask which strange clouds formation is your favourite? Yup, you guessed it right, the ride is about the weird and strange clouds formation that is equally strange and beautiful.

Even though they are not very common but if you are lucky enough to see them it can be a great treat for eyes. The strange clouds formation is a cliche topic and not widely discussed. Do you know these fluffy looking clouds can weight more than thousands of tons? So your fantasies we're wrong all these times. 

Lenticular Clouds:

Lenticular Clouds

This UFO looking strange clouds formation is actually stationary Lenticular Clouds. These kinds of clouds can be found in the troposphere and they form against the wind in perpendicular alignment. Many people relate Lenticular clouds with a saucer or a lens. The main question is are Lenticular clouds dangerous? So the answer is they can be. You can call them calm in appearance and dangerous in reality. Everything that seems calm is not always Peace. 

This strange clouds formation indicates great instability in the weather. Just like aggressive ocean waves, Lenticular clouds waves can be anything but stable. 

Nacreous clouds:

Nacreous clouds

The favourite in the list Nacreous clouds looks like a long lost cousin of northern lights that were discussed in a Craziest Natural Phenomenon. This strange clouds formation is also known as polar stratospheric clouds and clouds can be seen in the winter polar stratosphere. You can expect to from below 15,000-2500 m. If you want to have a look at this beautiful sight you have to wait for civil twilight, that is when the sun goes in between 1 and 6 degrees below its horizon. These clouds can be normally found in northerly latitudes.

Nacreous clouds can be dangerous too as they produce nitric acid that can be dangerous in addition to that they are responsible for destroying ozone layer molecules. Yet again it's proved that not all beautiful things are friendly and non-harmful. 

Cirrocumulus Clouds:

Cirrocumulus Clouds

Sometimes it feels nature mimics other things like these strange clouds formation mimic fish formation. These types of clouds are called Cirrocumulus clouds. It feels like some kind of picture in the sky and seems like something like a fantasy. Cirrocumulus clouds got their name because they look like a mackerel fish scale. The most interesting part is the actual width of the clouds is around your littlest finger.

Even though Cirrocumulus clouds. are small but they can weight thousand of pounds. So they can't be judged on their size as they say great things come in small packets.

Mammatus clouds:

Mammatus clouds:

This harmless and unique looking strange clouds formation is mostly associated with severe thunderstorms and anvil clouds. Mammatus clouds can be found extended at cumulonimbus base, but can also be found under Cirrus and altostratus clouds. Although Mammatus clouds are very rare and harmless they can indicate a huge storm coming into your way so you should be cautious after seeing them.

These strange clouds formation themselves don't cause any storm and the ice Crysta evaporates after sometimes without causing any harm.

What will be your reaction if you see them in front of your eyes?

Asperatus Clouds: 

Asperatus clouds
Agathman / CC BY

Aspueratus clouds are getting well-deserved attention from researchers around the world. The undulayus asperatus clouds are very newly categorized strange clouds formation that first got attention in 1951. The name of Aspueratus clouds can be translated as agitated waves or toughened. They got this name because of their wave-like appearance.
This strange clouds formation is very rare that's why they were not much in the spotlight. These ominous looking dark clouds appear like a huge storm however they form only in conditions where there aren't any chances of storms. These clouds are very choosy and people haven't seen them outside America.

Strange clouds formations can be beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Some of these strange clouds formations can help in forecasting weather or upcoming storm. Which one was new for you? And which strange could formation was more appealing for you? 

Written by Iqra Asif


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