Island of Dolls

Island of Dolls
Esparta Palma / CC BY
Most of the people have played with dolls and its fun to dress them nicely. However, not all dolls are fun to play with. There is a place in Mexico city that is surrounded by beautiful canals, or more specifically it's an island. Do you want to know more about the mysterious islands head over to "mysterious islands in the world"this place has a sad and disturbing background and that's exactly the reason for its attraction.

This island is locally known as Isla de Ias Munecas or the island of dolls. If you are scared of dolls you should stay away from this place and if you love dolls you should still stay away from this place because who loves creepy looking dolls? As for people having a taste in weird and strange things like me this place is a way to go. 

The island has a sad and devastating history and the whole island is dedicated to the soul of the poor girl who died in the place in quite weird circumstances that no one knows. The whole area is inhabited by many people but this small island is home to hundreds of creepy looking dolls. No to ignite the flame of your fear but this place has different dolls hanging all around the island. 

Instead of spending money to the fake looking haunted house, you can visit this place to get the spooky feeling in bright daylight and you can visit it in night time too obvious if you don't love yourself you can even stay there for a whole night and maybe one of the dolls can tell you the story of the island. 

If you are interested in knowing the history behind all this drama then it's dedicated to a girl who was drowned in one of the canals and to make it spooky I would say in weird circumstances, obviously, I want to make it more interesting that's why I will use these terms. Jokes aside local people say that the soul of the girl possessed the man and make him decorate the island. Poor girl is still concerned about her dolls even after her death. 

I am not here to scare you but local people say that these dolls move, I know exaggerated but what if they are right about it? Yet again I am not here to scare you!! 

Like it wasn't enough scary some people have heard them whispering to each other so the place is must to visit for the people having detective instinct. 
In the end, we all know that the story is exaggerated and it's just an island with a bunch of creepy looking dolls but now you have another story to tell to your little cousins and to scare them. 

Don Julian:

The real question who is responsible for all these dolls ending up on this beautiful island? A guy named Don Julian (picture above) was one of the island caretakers. The guy saw the girl dying in that place and he felt sorry for not being able to help her so he dedicated the island in her memory. Some people even claim that Julian just made up the story and there was nothing like that happened on the island not to scare you the guy found dead in the same way near the canal. 
To continue the legacy of Julian tourists bring dolls to the island and leave than to join their fellow mates. 

Even though Julian did in respect and his action was quite cute but the place looks like something out of horror movie. Strangely, the island of dolls is a very famous tourist destination and many people visit the place.
Will you like to visit this place? If yes then don't forget to bring some dolls!!

Written by Iqra Asif 


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  1. Not scary for a person like me , so curious to visit dat place, and its intresting and informative abd the way u explain it ooof❤ good job

  2. I prefer northern lights then going to see creepy dolls,


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