Hang Son Doong-The World's Largest Cave

Caves are like the soul of the nature that holds the mystery of this world, I have always been emotionally persuaded to caves and I often feel like they enlighten us in so many ways. Vietnam is a country that is full of ecstatic natural sights, mountains, rivers, and caves. Hang Song Doong is the worlds' largest cave and I am stunned that many of us are still unaware of the spectacular beauty that Hang Son Doong holds.

Before explaining the esoteric beauty of Hang Son Doong, I really want to give a bucket full of credit to Romeo Durscher from global education of DJI, because he is the only one who has a very detailed inspection of Hang Son Doong-the worlds' largest cave.

Hang Son Doong | The World's Largest Cave
Image source Google - by - CNN travel


Hang Son Doong | The World's Largest Cave
Image source Google - by - CNN Travel
Nature holds it's most magnificent treasures in isolated places. The same goes for Hang Son Doong, the worlds' largest cave is located in a very remote area, around beautiful bushy green mountains, and the creek of rivers seems to be protecting Hang Son Doong from the outer world. So it's important for everyone planning to visit the worlds' largest cave to have a detailed overview of this area because it isn't easy to get there. Even the nearest village named Dong Hoi is not very developed and there aren't many facilities in nearby areas. Even though the journey to the worlds' largest cave is quite difficult but the destination makes it all worth the struggle.


Hang Son Doong-The World's Largest Cave
Doug Knuth from Woodstock, IL / CC BY-SA
Hang Song Doong was discovered by a local man named Ho Khanh in 1990, he was out in search of timber and food. During his search to have something for a modest income, he saw clouds billowing out of a limestone cliff and he even heard a river ragging sound. He got back home and somehow forget about this worlds' Largest cave but he still holds the title of the first person discovering this place of esthetic beauty. Later on, Ho Khanh met Deb Limbert and Howard from the British cave research association (BRCA) and told them about his strange experience about Hang Son Doong.

After a detailed survey conducted in 2009, the survey team was able to declare that the cave has the largest cross-section of any other cave in the world and it was declared to be the worlds' largest cave... 

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Here comes my favorite part, the most mesmerizing thing about the Hang Son Doong is its tremendous and beautifully impressive environment. However, beautiful things come with some compensation. The moist, dusty, and dense environment of the Hang Son Doong make it difficult to navigate the way inside the worlds' largest cave.

Hang Son Doong has a small opening like any other cave it has its own climate, one can even notice that the worlds' largest cave has a sudden span of fog and a mixture of cold-warm air makes the environment even crazier. Hang Son Doong can have temperatures up to 40 degrees with 90% humidity! Yes, you read it right. In addition to this, the Hang Son Doong has almost no source of light and it mostly remains pitch dark inside Hang Son Doong.

The worlds' largest cave has multiple dimensions that make it very difficult to measure the depth of the cave so it is better to rely on your limited sight while hiking above the steep and rocky walls. The walls are built in such a way that makes it almost impossible to estimate the density of the world's largest cave and the structure of the Hang Son Doong is very unsymmetrical. Hang Son Doong has two big holes in it and both of them look so intense so it's not recommended to go inside of them.

River and Campfire:

World's largest cave hang son doong vietnam
Image source Google - by - Vietravel
The first thing you will notice while getting into the huge entrance
of Hang Son Doong is the beautiful riverside that looks like a beach and many campers having tiny little tents alongside the river. I said tiny because they indeed look tiny as compared to the massive volume of the Hang Son Doong.

Hang Son Doong has multiple cave system and the river make it look like a prehistoric city. It won't be inaccurate to say that this massive worlds' largest cave makes us feel so insignificant as compared to the vastness of this Earth. Researchers are trying to develop the link between Hang Son Doong and the nearby Thung Cave. If they get success in finding the connection between them, Hang Son Doong will become the worlds' largest cave in terms of cross-sections, dimensions, and Volume. 

Geology of Hang Son Doong:

Hang Son Doong | The World's Largest Cave
 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

I can say that Hang Son Doong is relatively young considering the fact that it is only 3 million years old, the artist behind creating this masterpiece of art is Rao Thuong River that eroded away all the limestone in the course of many years to form this enormous funnel along the Truong Son Mountains. The main entrance is over 5km long and the sections reach up to 200m tall with a width of 150m. I can safely say that Hang Son Doong is large enough to have a 40 story block skyscraper!!

What do you think about the worlds' largest cave? Will you miss any chance of going inside this massive natural creation of Hang Son Doong?

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