Hierve el Agua

Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with so many sightseeings and attractive tourist destinations. It is amazing to see how different parts of the world are associated with each other, it's like the more diverse we perceive ourselves to be the more nature shows us how similar we are. Last time we reviewed different waterfalls around the world and we missed out on one of the most amazing creations of mother nature and that is Hierve el Agua.

Looking at the pictures of Hierve el Agua, I can clearly say that it's more like a mineral waterfall located between glorious mountains and sharp green edges. Hierve el Agua is located in Oaxaca city. The most impressive thing to count about this place of Hierve el Agua is not only linked with it is a beautiful and spectacular sight but rather it's more about its geological importance and bubbling spring pools. 

Hierve el Agua
Image source Googe - by - Lavintzin  / CC BY-SA

History of Hierve el Agua:

There was a time when Hierve el Agua used for water supply to elongate series of canals leading down the connected valleys. However, with the passage of time, the series of the canal system was abandoned a long time ago and only a few traces of the canals are left.

People having no idea about the past history of Hierve el Agua can easily get confused by the way Hierve el Agua looks. At first glimpse, you would be looking at something completely frozen in time, and it looks like that the Hierve el Agua is literally cascading down the hill. Some may even think that the waterfall has turned into a stone. Pretty SciFi right?

There is a natural process that makes the underground caves to soak water and glowing limestone in such a way that it forms a calcium patch of roof. It's just that it happened outside in the case of Hierve el Agua. This makes the place even more interesting, the process can take thousands of years making it more worth a visit. 

Hierve el Agua
Image source Flickr - by - Christopher William Adach / Some rights reserved

It's clear from the picture above that beautiful things can take time to happen

Reason for its white color

The Hierve el Agua took this form of flowing Cascade because of the mineral water that flows through the karstic limestones, the process gradually deposited the karstic limestone onto the edge of the mountains, Hierve el Agua is prominently white and for someone having an artist look can confuse Hierve el Agua to be an artificial waterfall sculpture.

Mineral pools in Hierve el Agua:

Good things often come in packages, similarly, Hierve el Agua has two mineral polls full of magnesium, calcium carbonate, and a distinguished yellow tint is because of the sulfur in the pools.

The most interesting part of the trip to Hierve el Agua is that you can even hike above the pools to have a clear view of the place, there are two falls in the area and they are different in their sizes. The larger one is known as Cascade grande and there is a smaller one that is known as Cascade chica.

It's a very natural instinct for a human to touch every other "strange thing" we see but is it safe to touch the waterfall or to dip inside mineral pools of Hierve el Agua? The answer is that even though the springs locally called boiling they aren't actually boiling. The temperature can vary between 22-26 C°. The place may get this reputation of boiling springs because of the way it looks. The nonthermal temperature of the area depicts that it is certainly possible to have a nice dip in the "not so boiling" pool water.

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Hierve el Agua

I can hear the sight of relief from swimming lovers

Food to have at Hierve el Agua: 

Hierve el Agua can get really crowded during the high time of tourism so it's better to visit the place as early as possible. Hierve el Agua is also encircled by mouthwatering stalls of food so that you can have a nice snack party after coming out of its mesmerizing glance. Imagine having a Mexican turnip with a combo of lime and sitting in front of white beautiful natural wonder, that could be a once in a lifetime experience.

It's is also important to be responsible for this natural white Cascade as it took thousands of years for it to take a current shape and it can take minutes to ruin it. You can get sued for not following the laws in Hierve el Agua.

Hierve el Agua
ProtoplasmaKid / CC BY-SA
It is easier to hire a local guide to have a maximum of Hierve el Agua and you can even get a chance to see mesmerizing El Tule Tree, which is the widest tree in the world. You can select cheaper ways to go there like having a collective or a bus from Oaxaca city, and then you can again take collective (local shared taxi) to get to Hierve el Agua.

Let us know about your feelings towards Hierve el Agua. Isn't it similar to pamukkale turkey?"

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Written by Iqra Asif

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