Strange Waterfalls

Nature is amazing and it communicates with us in its distinct own ways. It has different colors, unique styles, and even moods. Nature can be beautiful yet strange at times, respect it and it can be your biggest companion, mess with it and it will take seconds to show your actual place. In short, Nature is the actual boss here.

Waterfalls are one of the most exciting parts of nature but they can be strange too. We are 75% water so it is natural to feel attracted to these beautiful and even strange waterfalls. There are different strange waterfalls around the world that are mesmerizingly beautiful and equally strange. But like any other strange natural phenomenon, there are strong scientific reasons behind the strange behavior of these strange waterfalls. The ride is a little wet so grab your umbrellas to enjoy the witty waterfall experience.



The most famous strange waterfalls on the list and the most exciting strange waterfall is Pamukkale. People have been using this white carbonated chalky Cascades hot spring spa for ages. The name Pamukkale literally means cotton castle. This strange waterfall got this name because it was created by the shift in the fault lines, and it created a large amount of mineral content mostly chalk.

These strange waterfalls look like a white castle with really hot water so it can be quite difficult to stay in the place without a hat or sunglasses. The scene is totally different in Winters and it can be really uncomfortable to walk in cold flowing water with Barefoot.

The pool is quite famous in tourists and despite being a little uncomfortable this strange waterfall of Pamukkale gets a lot of attention from tourists in Turkey

Ice Cave Waterfall:

Ice cave waterfall

I could totally relate to Elsa from Frozen When she left everything and everyone to live in her own little world of icy land, I mean who doesn't want to live in the Crystal bubble wrapped icy ceiling of photogenic icy waterfall world? This strange waterfall is quite common but nothing can beat the beautiful aura of this majestic bluish creation of nature.

This strange waterfall can reach a thickness of 400m, they can form into the varied landscape of mountains, valley, and even volcanoes covered ice. These giant and strange waterfall lagoons look like a beautiful dream of reality.

Blood Waterfall:

Blood Waterfall

At first sight, this strange waterfall can give chills to people and it looks like nature is crying tears of blood. But, it's just another iron-oxide tinted plum of a water stream. We can say that this bloody strange waterfall is another part of aqueous time capsule that is preserved under the ice of Antarctica.

This flowing blood of Antarctica can be three times saltier than the seawater and it is also rich in iron. Another reason for its catchy red color is that the iron-rich water can rust when comes in direct contact with oxygen.

Microbes can be another reason for the nice red color of this strange waterfall. So next time if you see the stream of blood coming out of Antarctica, don't get panicked,  it just another day out of microbes exposure to the sun.

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Cameron Waterfall:

Cameron Waterfall
Image source Google - by - The Reality
I really meant it when I said that nature can have moods and it communicates with us in one way and another. It shows colors and a change in behavior to show its various emotions, even though we have a scientific explanation for every strange waterfall, some of the reason for this strange behavior is still vague.

Cameron's waterfalls are located in the town of Waterton. This strange waterfall can become Misty, cold, and windy. Although the water of this strange waterfall is mostly clear it can turn bright pink on certain occasions like heavy rain can stimulate sediment called argolite that depicts bright pink color when comes in contact with sunlight. This strange waterfall is an insta-worthy phenomenon that seems like something out of candy land.

However, it is not regular and the best chance to see the strange phenomenon is during the heavy rainfall season.

 Horsetail Fall:

 Horsetail fall

The last one in the list of strange waterfalls is Horsetail Fall, it is located on the edge of Yosemite Valley. This beautiful yet strange waterfall is very easy to miss as it only flows during winter. The most beautiful feature of this lake is that it can glow orange when it's backlit by the sunlight.

The phenomenon can only happen around mid-February and it looks like a whip of sun rays. When the conditions are right this small and strange waterfall Illuminates with a minor haze of sunshine.

Which one of the list is the strongest and which one fascinated you the most?

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Written by Iqra Asif 

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