5 Unique Beaches:

Water? Earth? Air? Or fire? No, I am not trying to create a new war between fire nations and air benders, the purpose of referring these essential elements of life is to rationalize the belief that every human being has some kind of mysticism for Nature, and it can be in any form. For instance, some people feel like they get more persuaded by the idea of being around water, and some get delighted by the thought of fireworks.

However, the winner is the nation of water. Water is the most prominent part of this planet, and it ultimately looks mesmerizing. Most of the people love going to the unique beaches, and obviously, why would anyone miss blazingly golden rays of sun falling into the ocean and making it look like a melted gold with beautiful sand around it? But not all beaches are the same, some are unique beaches, and this is what makes them spectacular and glorious from the rest because why go for ordinary when you can always have something different and beautifully unique?

Black Sand Beach:

Black Sand Beach

Why always fall for the white sand beach when you can have a unique beach of black sand? The unique beach of Black sand is pretty widespread than you think! These unique beaches can be found in Iceland, Hawaii, and various Canary islands with many more places around the world.

These unique beaches of black sand do not form out of the blue moon, but they take this form over the time of many years by the volcanic erosion, and different minerals combine with seawater to create this smooth, glossy, and minerals enrich black sand. Some of these unique beaches of black sand are ideal for surfing, and some of them are very hard to reach. These unique beaches do not discriminate on the base of weather, and they can be found anywhere near colder Arctic to warmer destinations.

Diamond Beach:

Diamond beach

The second unique beach on the list is a diamond beach. This unique beach is located in Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon of Iceland, and it is one of the most famous spots for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, and how can I forget nature lovers? I do not want to burst the bubble of imagination for the people thinking about diamonds scattered all around this unique beach. Still, it's not like you will find real diamonds in this unique beach, but the beauty is not worth less than natural diamonds.

The most impressive part of this unique beach is that it looks different every time you see it, the reason is that the unique beach of diamonds is filled with substantial ice lumps that break down from Breidamerkursandur and they appear to be indifferent colors; these tiny ice Berg's can be in deep blue and deep white color, and they can also occur in different shades of turquoise. These small and mesmerizing icebergs look like glitters during the midnight sun, and it makes the whole scene worth watching out in these unique beaches of diamonds.

Pink Sand Beach:

Pink sand beach:

There are almost nine pink sand beaches around the world, and I have taken the pinkiest of them all. This unique beach is located in the Bahamas, and it is pink! But why is it pink? Is it some kind of illusion? Is it because of the pink coral reefs? Or someone left their candies out there? The pink color of this unique beach comes from microorganisms named as foraminifera; these microorganisms have charming pinkish-red color because of their shells. The sand in the unique beach of Bahamas is made up of shells, coral, and calcium carbonate, and even though it looks like another science project, but in reality, it's a dream for many pink lovers and one of the marvelous unique beaches one can ever see.

Green Sand beach (Papakōlea beach):

Green Sand beach (Papakōlea beach)

What's better than going to a beach? It's always better to go to a colored beach, and if the pink beach can make it to a list, why not the green sand beach? The green sand beach is another unique beach that can be your once in a lifetime experience and there are only two green sand beaches in the United States.

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The unique beach is located in the ka'u district, and it is known as Papakōlea Beach. There is a fascinating reason for its green color; the beach is craved in a 49,000 years old cinder come that belongs to a Mauna loa volcano, and that volcano is covered with green crystals, also known as olivines. This unique beach is famous for its crystal green sand, and some patches at the beach are greener than the other one so keep can find the most greener patch to have a close encounter with olivines.

Astola island (Astola beach):

 Astola island (Astola beach)
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Beauty is another kind of unique, and everyone is getting familiar with the mesmerizing beauty of northern areas in Pakistan. Balochistan is another hidden gem of Pakistan, Still, only a few have taken advantage of their time to see this hidden gem. According to a very famous adventurer, "Tracy Curtin-Taylor," she has never seen a coastline as beautiful as Astola beach which is located in Balochistan.

People who want to visit this unique beach can take a boat from Pasni that is a fishing town around 35km away from Astola. The unique beach of Astola is covered between Jable-Zareen, the literal meaning of Jable-Zareen is golden mountains, and the golden sands look like a scene out of Arabian nights.

Which unique beach is the prettiest of them all? And did I skip on some more unique beaches around the world?

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Written by Iqra Asif

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