Beautiful Active Volcanoes 

What is the first word in our minds when we think about muddy eruptions and fire-throwing monsters? I hope it's volcanoes that you guessed. Volcanoes can be equally fascinating and frightening at the same time. We had a history of a violent volcanic eruption that had a significant impact on our planet like the huaynaputina volcano of Peru that occurred in the year of 1600; the volcanic eruption was so deadly that it killed thousands of people in an instant, it was so horrible that it blew away the upper portion of the volcano. It also killed millions of people because of the feminine it caused in Russia.

It is said that the winter in the year 1600 was one of the nastiest winters in recent history. But we are not going to discuss the deadly volcanic eruptions today. Instead, we will look into the most beautiful active volcanoes around the world and beautiful volcanic activities. Most beautiful active volcanoes sound weird and exciting simultaneously, but the mesmerizing beauty of beautiful active volcanoes can trap anyone in its unique charm.


Riza Nugraha ? from Utrecht, The Netherlands / CC BY

Even though semeru sounds like a baby mountain, but in reality, semeru is one of the deadliest volcanoes around the world. The beautiful active volcano is the highest volcano located on Java; this beautiful active volcano lies on the southern side of the volcanic Massif that extends from north to the location of tengger caldera. The beautiful active volcano is also known as Mahameru, which means Great Mountain. The volcano is 3676  m above the coastal plains.

There have been small to moderate level eruptions in this beautiful active volcano; pyroclastic flows accompanied these eruptions. Semeru has been actively erupting since 1976, and in the last 30 years, more than 5000 people have been killed by this beautiful active volcano.

Mount Ijen:

Mount Ijen
Image source Google - by - Magdawszedobylska / CC BY-SA

The beautiful active volcano of mount Ijen is one of the most beautiful in the list. The thick veil of glorious smoke erases the sight of the sky over this beautiful active volcano. The air around the Mount Ijen smells like a burn matches spread in the air. The noxious material the seeps from east Java's beautiful active volcano is very incongruous to humans. This noxious material stings the eye, corrodes the skin, and burns the lungs. Thee beautiful active volcano of Mount Ijen is known for its "devil's gold." It is the sulfur miners that have been venturing around the mountain into the unexpected labyrinth of gas clouds.

The beautiful active volcano of Mount Ijen is also famous because it is host to remaining active sulfur mines. At the same time, it's fascinating vistas has kept travelers and scientist captivated for about two centuries, the minerals themselves have become the speculative tourist attraction.

Kelimutu Volcano:

Kelimutu volcano
Image source Google - by - Rosino / CC BY-SA

Volcanoes look even better with lakes and esthetics colors. Kelimutu volcano is one of the beautiful active volcanoes with a great depiction of volcanoes, lakes, and colors. It can safely say that it is an otherworldly experience to visit this series of geologic cauldrons with lakes of astonishing brilliance.

The lake is located 50 miles away from Moni on the island of Flores in Indonesia. This beautiful active volcano has three summit caters with beautiful lakes. The three lakes at summit carters have distinctive colors; the one at the west is known as Tiwu Ata Mbupu or lake of old people, is white and blue. Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Gai can also be called as a lake of young men and maidens is green in color, and the third lake of this beautiful active volcano is Tiwu Ata Polo, that means the lake of the Bewitched lake is red, the latter two lakes are separated with crater wall. The colors of the lakes are the most stunning display of chemistry, and they can vary from day to day because of chemical reactions.

Mount Rinjani:

Mount Rinjani
Image source Google - by - skyseeker / CC BY

Rinjani is the second-highest beautiful active volcano in Indonesia at 3,726 and the second highest to Mount Kerinci. This beautiful active volcano dominates the area of the small island of Lombok as Mount Rinjani has a huge 50km2 caldera that sits on the crater lake.

The island of Lombok has so many attractions for tourists, but the most famous one is Cultural tips where the locals offer food and drink to them. The beautiful active volcano has gorgeous surroundings with striking butterflies and birds with different species of monkeys.

Tourists feel amazed when they see long-tailed macaques on this island. The park in Lombok island is not only home to a beautiful active volcano, but it also has a rich variety of fauna and flora.

Mount Merbabu:

Mount Merbabu
Image source Google - by - Uprising / CC BY-SA

Mount Merbabu is located on Java island; it is a hidden gem of Indonesia with beautiful sights. This beautiful active volcano is very hard to track, but it is worth a while. Indonesia is home to the beautiful active volcano, but Mount Merbabu is prominent because of its scenic views and pleasant climb. From the mount summit, tourists can have a 360 degrees view of this beautiful active volcano.

The beautiful active volcano of Mount Merbabu has five volcanic calderas, namely kombang, Condrodimuko, Rehab, Kendang, Sambernywo, but no major activities have been recorded in the past decade. This beautiful active volcano is also known as a volcano of ash, and to trek this volcano, you have to take a route western route up and then southern route down with an overnight stay in a tent.

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Written by Iqra Asif

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