Colorful Lakes | Lake McDonald and Rainbow Lake Colombia

Can you visualize this planet to be black and white? How would it feel like to see everything in only two colors? Not very exciting, right? It is almost impossible to comprehend the immense beauty of this planet without interpreting its mesmerizing and colorful nature. Every one of us has our most favorite color, and it can also influence our life choices like many times, we only buy things because of its bright color.

McDonald is something that is also making our lives colorful, exciting, and adventures. Wait; what? How can McDonald have anything to do with colors and making our lives adventures? I am not talking about that fast-food chain McDonald; that thing is pretty overrated. I was talking about the colorful lake of lake McDonald, which looks like a bowl full of candies or a bowl full of veggies, just to be on a healthy side. Lakes and colors are very much associated with each other, and colorful lakes become a hundred times more attractive when they have distinctive bright colors, at least for most of us.

Lake McDonald:

Lake McDonald | Colorful Lake
Image source Google - by - Alaina McDavid/Flickr
I can safely say that lake McDonald is a favorite place for adventure activities on the west side of the location that is known as "Glacier National Park". The place was once covered in massive glaciers covering the whole area. The site is completely transformed, and the beautiful valley is now filled with thrilling hiking trails, unearthly sights, colorful lakes, several species of flora and fauna that make a Glacier National Park one of the more diverse places on earth. But the one element that is the most intriguing part of this valley is "lake McDonald."

Length of Lake Mcdonald:

Lake McDonald | Colorful Lake
Image source Google - by - Ron Kroetz/Flickr
There are many colorful lakes in the valley, but only 131 of them have names; now that sums up the fact that this lake is named as "lake McDonald," it looks like a person called it with the very first word that came into his mind. Lake McDonald is dominant amongst other colorful lakes because lake McDonald is the largest lake in the area: it is ten miles long with a depth of 500 feet or 152.4 m.

Lake Mcdonald is wrapped in a high peak of glaciers depicting the power of glaciers to carve deep into the hardest of rocks. These divine glaciers not only carved this U shaped valley that is home to Lake McDonald, but it has also contributed to crave other valleys to increase the beauty of the place. This place is an indication of beauty at its best.

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Lake McDonald Lodge:

Lake McDonald Lodge is located over the shore of the colorful lake of Lake McDonald; this lodge serves as a resting place for tourists visiting the area. The lake McDonald lodge was build in 1914 with an artistic swiss-influenced architect that gives an impression of a rustic hunting lodge. This warm and beautiful building is a perfect place to relax for the guests to see high peak glaciers. 

There are many activities that you can do around this colorful lake, apart from hiking on the trails, you can enjoy horse riding, boat tours, and let's not forget the camping in front of the enormous fireplace. 

Lake McDonald | Colorful Lake
Image source Google - by - Jinrui Qu/Flickr
The water of these adjacent colorful lakes is very clear the reason is the high altitude and cold temperature that prevents the growth of planktons in the water; the water of the colorful lake is so clear that you can see the minor details of Lake Mcdonald at a depth of 30 feet or more.

The most stinking feature of lake McDonald is not the clear water but the diversity of colored pebbles and rocks lying on the surface of the lake McDonald.

Rainbow Lake Colombia:

Rainbow Lake Colombia | Colorful Lake
Image source Google - by - Mario Carvajal / CC BY
I remember seeing movies that showed a golden pot at the end of the rainbow, and I thought it to be accurate. But now I have realized that there is nothing like a golden pot at the end of the rainbow and perhaps it's a colorful lake that is giving bright, elegant colors to the rainbow.

The Rainbow Lake Colombia is also known as Caño Cristales river; it is located in La Macarena; the literal meaning of La Macarena is "River of Five Colors" or a "Liquid Rainbow." The most compelling colors of Rainbow Lake Colombia are red, yellow, bright green, and purple; the intensity of this colorful lake depends on the water conditions of Rainbow Lake Colombia. When the conditions are right, the Rainbow Lake Colombia may appear to be a mixture of orange, blue, hot pink, or deep maroon.

Reasons for Colors in Rainbow Lake Colombia:

Is it magic that makes the river this colorful? Unfortunately, no. According to Algae world news, the cause of these colors is Macarenia Clavigera Plant, this plant is generally different from moss or algae, but it falls into a category of aquatic plants. The colors of this colorful lake depend upon the weather and the right water level.

Rainbow Lake Colombia | Colorful Lake
Image source Google - by - Reza Ahmeds / CC BY
If you are planning to visit this place, then the best time to go is a sunny and bright day so that light can play its part in reflecting these glorious colors. The colors of Rainbow Lake Colombia are at their peak vibrancy between July and November.

How to reach Rainbow Lake Colombia:

You can quickly get to the Rainbow Lake Colombia by flying into Villavicencio, in central Colombia, then you can take a charter plane to La Macarena. From there, you can easily find a guide to take you to the mountain range of Rainbow River, Colombia.

Rainbow Lake Colombia is one of the few colorful lakes that is very safe for swimming, but only 200 people are allowed to swim in the river.

Which one is the most beautiful of these two colorful lakes? And Don't forget to take your waterproof cameras to take a trip to any of these two mentioned colorful lakes.

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